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Weekly Chinese Lesson – Dog = 狗

The dog is aptly called man’s best friend – we are amazed how well they have co-existed with man for so long. In Chinese, dog is 狗 (go, pronounced with a down and then up tone), and more affectionately known as 狗狗 (go go).



RIP Niko the Dog (1998-2014)

Niko the Dog

Our  Alaska Malamute of 14 years passed away in his sleep last week – he was the most magnificent dog in the world. To celebrate his life, we gathered some of his favorite things, and flower/plants from his local walks, dug a hole, buried the items, and planted an apple tree above. Juneau says he will think of Niko every time he eats an apple. JL-Family-Niko-01 JL-Family-Niko-02 JL-Family-Niko-03 JL-Family-Niko-06 JL-Family-Niko-07 JL-Family-Niko-08